Who’s the Boss?

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Gizmo and Sandy’s favourite activities include going for walks and eating.

Their absolute favourite food is Boss dog food, it makes dry food just taste better.

It is a complete meal on its own and includes all the nutrients that your dog needs to keep them healthy.

Added benefits include:

  • strong bones and teeth
  • shiny skin and coat
  • digestive health
  • immunity
  • energy
  • vitality
  • meat first formulation
  • it’s tasty
  • and affordable.

All the right stuff you can trust.

Whenever I open a can of Boss dog food, my dogs jump around on their back legs like 2 little circus dogs.

I love seeing them happy and I know that by giving them Boss dog food, they’re getting all the right stuff they need to keep them healthy.

Boss dog food is for all dogs and they do amazing outreaches to dogs in need. They support CLAW / “adopt a dog” that helps find dogs their loving forever homes.

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