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These cuties joined the tribe.

Today was the day. It was like Christmas eve for my kids last night. They were bubbling over with excitement and wanted to go to sleep early so tomorrow would be here faster.

When my kids initially asked for guinea pigs, my answer was no we can’t afford it right now. A cage, food, toys, hideys, fleece blankets and all accessories needed to own guinea pigs are expensive.

Every day my kids would watch Youtube video’s of guinea piggies; how to take care of them, how to build a cage and even piggy rescue videos. Oh the cuteness!

‘Ok, you can have guinea pigs if you save for them yourself’ I thought this statement would buy me some time for them to forget about the idea. They have never managed to save for any big stuff before, it’s always a chocolate here and a cooldrink there whenever we go to the shop.

This time they came up with the idea to save together and they managed to pull it off. Any birthday money, pocket money and everything in between that grandma gave them went into the envelope.

The Cage

We looked for ideas for a cage all over. All the info we saw, said that the normal cages in the pet stores are too small for guinea pigs or bunnies. They need room to run around.

We considered d.i.y. and looked at the supplies needed, but we really didn’t have the tools either.

Then we looked at playpens. We found the perfect playpen at Mambo’s plastic. Guinea pigs don’t need a closed cage, because they don’t climb or jump out like hamsters or bunnies. This play pen is perfect for them.

Meet Floofy and Buddy.

(My kids aren’t the best name pickers, lol)

Guinea Pig essentials:

These are the basic items you need when owning a guinea pig.

Cage or play pen

Water bottle

Guinea pigs drink a lot of water and will need fresh water regularly.

Food bowl


A hidey is just a cute word for a guinea pig house or place to hide. Guinea pigs are prey animals and need places to hide and feel secure. If you have more than one guinea pig, you will probably need one for each, so they can have their own space when they need it.


Traditionally this would be your wood shavings or straw, but we prefer fleecy blankets. It’s nice and soft for the piggies to cuddle in and it’s easy to clean. Guinea pigs poop A LOT, so with fleecy blankets your can just sweep it up daily and then pop them in the wash once or twice a week. Since the guinea pigs live in my daughters room, it’s a more hygienic option for me, since I suffer with allergies.


Hay is one of the main foods in a guinea pigs diet. So keep the hay coming, it’s like they chew the whole day.

Hay rack

This is just the rack where you put the hay in, so they can pull it out. My daughter built her own hayrack from ice cream sticks we had leftover from a school project.

Guinea pig food

You can buy pellets for guinea pigs at any local pet store. The also love fresh veggies, with fruit being more of a treat.

These piggies are so cute and surprisingly tame to start with. Oh, you should hear the piggy chatter, the noises they make are adorable.

Unlike hamsters, guinea pigs are active during the day, so they won’t keep you up at night, maybe the occasional chewing and water drinking, but they generally sleep well at night.

My kids are still in the ‘honeymoon’ phase, so it’s going really well with the feeding and cage cleaning. We’ll see how they keep it up.

Welcome to the tribe piggies.

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