Running a Kids Party Blog and Directory

I didn’t start out with the idea to start a kids blog and directory, the idea was sort of like a spin off from my then kids party hire business.

Even before I had kids, I was hiring out party decor and planning kids parties, since 2005. Baking through nights, packing party packs and delivering jumping castles. This started taking its toll later when my kids came along. I just couldn’t keep up anymore and my sanity started slipping. Severely sleep deprived, I can’t believe I even managed a decent thought let alone idea.

Tip for anyone thinking of doing kids parties: Don’t try and do it all – party planning, party setups and doing all of the baking. Source some of the work out. You don’t have to bake all night and go set up the party in the morning.

Why did I start a kids party blog and directory?

I eventually started scaling down and only concentrated on baking (which was still a very time consuming job). I sold most of my party hiring, jumping castle and water slides.

The idea for the online party directory started when I often got asked if I could recommend a face painter or a party venue.

I wanted to create a resource where moms could find all the party services and products they need in an area near them.

In 2015 I created my 1st blog and party directory – I Heart Kiddies Parties, where you can find all the latest party ideas and discover amazing suppliers that can assist with creating a magical day for your little one.

How do I make money with a party blog?

I offer Online Listings for party or kids related businesses on my blog in the directory section. I ask a minimal monthly fee and they get an online listing with weekly sharing to our Facebook page and other social media pages.

I also have other options, like packages which include banner advertising.

I’m also trying out Adsense. This is where Google places ads on your website and you get paid if someone clicks on their links. This is still super small fry, I’ll keep you posted if this turns out to be a good option or not. My account is standing on just over R400 and it took more than a year to accumulate. PS: they only pay out when you reach at least R 1000.

Why I love running a kids Party Blog and Directory

I love the freedom of working online and from home (and not baking anymore).

I also love helping mom (or dad) entrepreneurs, who don’t always have the know-how or large budget for advertising, to promote their business.

Follow I Heart Kiddies Parties to stay on top of party trends and an endless supply of cute ideas to make your party a super memorable one.

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