My Blogging Experiment – Month 2 Update

Can you make money from blogging in South Africa? This is what I’m trying to find out by running my own experiment.

I started a blog in the pet niche, about guinea pigs to be more specific. I started the experiment site on the 13th of July 2020, this is the day that I registered the domain name, so I’m not counting July as it was not a full month and the majority of the time I spent installing WordPress, choosing a theme and setting up the site. So my 1st month would be Aug and 2nd month Sep.

If you want to view the site I’m working on you can find it here – Guinea Pals –

I’m reverse engineering the Project 24 method from Income School because their course is in dollars and way too expensive for South Africans to afford with our rand value.

How am I reverse engineering Project 24?

By watching every single video they put out on Youtube and they give a lot of info for free and also by following a few of their Project 24 students and their journey’s of building their own niche sites.

So let’s see what they predict about where you should be in month 2 and where I am actually at:

At this stage of the blogging journey you shouldn’t be too worried about traffic, visitors or pageviews yet. According to Project 24 they don’t even expect any traffic in month 2.

They do however expect you to write at least 10 articles a month, so they would expect you to have written 20 articles by now. I have totally missed the mark here and only managed to create 4 articles by the end of September 2020.

You should spend all your time focusing on creating good quality content. This should be content that answers people’s questions about things they’ll search on Google around your specific topic.

The goal of niche sites is to rank organically in Google search results. This can take up to 6 to 8 months from when you write the article. So you can see it’s best to start a.s.a.p.

To be honest I’m doing this blogging niche site experiment in my free time and I’m falling way short on the content creation side. I’ve been trying to lift my game a bit now in October, so we’ll see in next month’s report how I did.

My goals for October

  • Write at least 10 good quality articles and try to catch up on the content creation. I am just going to focus on this.


None is expected in month 2 yet.

I was planning on adding Adsense to this pet site and seeing how it goes (some of my other sites has literally been making a few cents a day with Adsense), but I have some incredible news.

Ezoic is considered to be way better than Adsense for monetization and for placing display ads on your site, but they have a threshold of 10 000 page views before you can even apply to their program.

This seemed such a long way off in the future.

I heard via one of the Project 24 students who is with Ezoic that they will be launching a special program called Just Start. To qualify for the just start program you don’t have to have any traffic yet, but must have good original content and be in good standing with Google Adsense, but they are only taking 500 participants world wide.

I literally worked out the time zone difference and set my phone’s alarm for when registrations open. I sat in front of the computer and applied just as they opened the registration link. A week later I got an email that I was accepted into their Just Start program!

So this is what I was actually up to. We had to complete 4 courses and write a test to be accepted into Ezoic, I am super excited that I have completed the courses and passed with 94.3%

I have received my account with Ezoic, but I haven’t done anything further. I think I’ll focus on placing a little more content on the site before I integrate Ezoic and start showing ads.

But I’ll let you know as soon as I do and how it goes.

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