First step to become an influencer

Everybody wants to be an influencer these days, but what does is really mean to be an influencer?

Size doesn’t matter.

What does it help if you have thousands of followers, but can’t connect with them. Brands are looking for people that are authentic and have an engaging audience who is truly interested their life.

I have a profile with THE SALT and have been part of a few campaigns. They are looking for Real people that can connect a brand with their real audience. If this is you, you can sign up with them too.

You can sign up through this link here:

How does it work?

  • You simply create a profile on the SALT.
  • They use info in profiles and see which people are a good match with the brand.
  • They invite you to apply for the campaign.
  • You apply to the campaign and they send a short list to the brand.
  • If chosen, they give you training and step by step info and guidance for each post that you need to create.
  • Depending how long the campaign is, you get paid every month after completing your tasks.

Campaigns that I’ve worked on:

I was blessed to be a part of an OutSurance campaign that included a social media and car branding (for 6 months) component. Loved it.

Boss dog food campaign that included social media posts and trying their super awesome dog food, that my dogs went crazy over.

If you want to take your first steps to becoming an influencer, you can sign up here:

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