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I have recently been part of one of Brand Your Car’s campaigns and had a blast while making extra money.

Brand Your Car connects different brands with influencers. I have been on the Outsurance campaign for the past 6 months, since I was already an Outsurance client.

UPDATE: Brand Your Car has now become the SALT, find more info and sign up link here – First step to become an influencer.

How does it work?

You create a profile on their website here:

Fill in all your details so they can match your profile with a brand.

If they have a new campaign that you would be perfect for, BYC will let you know and invite you to apply for that campaign.

If you are selected for a campaign, you don’t have to be nervous at all. I was at first, but they walk you through the process step by step. On the Outsurance campaign that I was a part of we had to post to our Facebook and Instagram pages twice a month. We received a scene description with an outline of exactly what they wanted from us and we could create the content about the scene.

How does the car branding work?

BYC set up the appointment to get my car branded and paid for it all. The whole campaign costs you nothing and I got paid monthly for 6 months.

When the campaign is over, they arrange to have the branding professionally removed again.

How much can you expect to be paid?

You can expect to be paid anything from R 1000 to R 3000 per month for the duration of the campaign.

I got paid R 1 600 monthly for 6 months on the campaign that I worked on. That’s not bad considering they only want 2 posts a month and then you just drive around as you normally would in your branded car.

Would I do it again?

A big yes. I loved being a part of this campaign and I seriously can’t wait to be picked again.

Sign up here: (This is not an affiliate link, I do not get paid if you sign up. I am just letting you know about this amazing opportunity that I had.)

Here are a few more photo’s from my campaign:

UPDATE: Brand Your Car has now become the SALT, find more info here – First step to become an influencer.

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