Welcome to my Tribe

Hi, my name is Mariska van Rensburg, I am a Cape Town based blogger and serial entrepreneur, as you will see if you read about my many side hustle's. I love doing different things and trying my hand at new stuff.

Ongoing exploring, learning and achieving success or failure is so important for kids and adults. Why is failing important? Failing is important in life, because it means you were brave enough to try something. Some things will work and some things won't, but you'll never know unless you try.

Just try stuff. How else will you figure out what you like and what you don't like? Focus on what you like and what you're good at, and happiness will follow. Ultimately we're all looking to be happy in work and life.

My family

My husband, Leon, is a pastor of a small church and surf enthusiast.

My 2 children couldn't be any more different.

My 14 year old daughter, Lana is in Grade 8. I can't believe that she is already in her 1st year of high school.

My 12 year old son, has DCD. He is such a cute, well mannered kid with a lot of struggles. He and his sister were in the same school until 2019, he has now started school at Paarl School, where they are better equipped to help him with his motor function and sensory issues. School was 'hell' for him up until now, and I am so grateful for this new journey at his new school. For the first time he is not dreading going to school and actually comes home with a smile.
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I work from home, mainly creating websites and blogs.

I also run a community advertising booklet in Brackenfell, where we support local biz with our printed booklet and online directory. Have I mentioned that I also have a kids party blog and directory...

In 2021 I have also now started a daycare centre with a close friend as my partner.
So, welcome to my tribe...