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My Blogging Experiment – Month 2 Update

Can you make money from blogging in South Africa? This is what I’m trying to find out by running my own experiment. I started a blog in the pet niche,…

What you need when getting Guinea pigs

These cuties joined the tribe. Today was the day. It was like Christmas eve for my kids last night. They were bubbling over with excitement and wanted to go to…
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Car Branding removal

6 Months flew by so fast. I had the awesome privilege of being a part of an Outsurance influencer campaign for the past 6 months. This included social media posts…

Baking Vanilla Cookies in our PJ’s

I have an old vanilla cookie recipe that I used to bake as a child and it’s still a favourite. It’s been a while since I made them, so this…
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Brand your car

I have recently been part of one of Brand Your Car’s campaigns and had a blast while making extra money. Brand Your Car connects different brands with influencers. I have…

Best Brownie Recipe

I am telling you these Brownies don’t last in my house. Fights will break out, if you try this recipe. We had to share it equally and put each bowl…
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Running a Kids Party Blog and Directory

I didn’t start out with the idea to start a kids blog and directory, the idea was sort of like a spin off from my then kids party hire business.…

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